Pursuit of Happiness

Let me start by saying my poison is tense jumping. So as you read through this post and those that come after, please forgive that grave error. It’s a sickness :).

I’ve been writing for years. I began when I was just a child, writing silly stories my siblings laughed about. But that’s okay. That’s what siblings do and how they help you grow up to be tough…..right?

I have always wanted to be a writer. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have some kind of story in my mind. I might see a movie title, read a phrase or overhear one and think, I’ve got a story about that. I might wake from a dream and know I have to write about it – but hope what I write makes a little more sense than my dream does. Trips with my family to the mountains often evoked stories and sometimes terrible poetry. A poet I am not. A picture, a walk, watching people, eavesdropping on them (shhhh) to help write real-life like conversations, all contributed. Stories just pop into my head.

Despite all this influence and desire, my years as a working adult was filled with long hours. Call me an overachiever. Call me a workaholic. Call me one tired woman. I worked hard and it snuffed out a great deal of these thoughts and dreams. But it was how I moved up the ladder quickly. I wanted to be of value, which I was and was also happy to do so well.

More than 44 years after entering the workforce, I’ve retired from killing myself. And the door to do what I’ve always wanted to do is open. I’ve raised our daughter and I’ve lived a work life I’m proud of having lived. Now it’s my time to step up and live the dream.

For me, I’d like to publish some short stories, finish and publish at least one of my three novels, and satisfy this drive to write and the voices in my head that keep telling me their stories.

I’m learning as I go. I’m allowing successful writers in different writing communities to teach me. I’m remaining humble, knowing full well that despite my age, I’m a newbie in this field of writing and I have a long road to walk before I can sit on my laurels – if ever.

I’ll share any victories I have. I’ll share what I learn as I go. And I’ll keep you posted on it all.


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