Stepping Up

So I’m stepping up to bat by having had beta readers check out two of my short stories. I feel great about the reviews and listened to advice from all three of them. Two of them are accomplished writers and one is certainly on his way.

Finding a place you can trust to publish your stories fairly is something every writer needs to beware of at all times. There are scammers and greedy folks out there who will lie to you and take your money. NEVER, NEVER pay someone to publish you. Get beta readers, who should always be free, and get an editor for your novels, if not even for your short stories. Although, most beta readers will help with misspelled words, note a lack of staying in the same tense (remember my poison), and give you ideas on how to change it up a bit. Certainly, it’s your story, so don’t take every bit of advice if it doesn’t feel right to you. Sometimes they miss the idea of your story. Sometimes they speak another language/English as a second language and what they suggest might not sound right in your neck of the woods. But such people can make a huge difference in your story, so do take some advice. I take most of it, honestly.

I’m going to keep sharing as I walk along this path. I can’t promise weekly posts, and certainly daily posts are unlikely. But I will post as I move along this journey and I hope potential writers who are new to pursuing publishing will follow along with me.


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