What Are We Doing While We Shelter In Place?

You would think, while hanging out at home most of the time, we’d all be accomplishing all our worldly dreams. Alas, few are. For me, that would be writing more and submitting more. But what happens when your entire life changes at the drop of a hat? Perhaps because of a serious illness or a new addition to the family (pet or child). Or maybe you miss your freedom because everyone is trying so hard to stop the spread of a virus that sometimes takes the lives of perfectly healthy people. The result of these life changing things often lead to depression or, at the very least, feeling off about everything.

I hit my wall even though I’m a homebody for the most part and spend a good deal of my time reading, writing, doing crafts, cleaning house and generally enjoying what freedom I have from only working from home. My writing dried up. I suppose it would be more accurate to say my desire to write dried up. I have been tapping the keys here and there – starting many but finishing none. Landing in a funk is not where any of us want to be.

If you have clinical depression, you can’t just lift yourself out of it. That usually requires professional help and medication. But that’s not something I suffer from. So I could lift myself out. I just had to do it. I wrote a poem.

That poem was recently accepted for publication in Poetica #2: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Anthology. It is titled “Shiloh” and it carries within it a large piece of my heart. I’ll post when it’s available.

I’m not a believer in true Writer’s Block. We do plenty to block ourselves and we do have dry spells when we simply are not coming up with stories. Reach out at those times and find what around you will cause an inspiration. It’s not always something lovely or good. Sometimes it is a fear, a sadness, a worry. Regardless, it can bring you back when you are ready. And on the other hand, give yourself a break. If you can live without writing for a couple of weeks – or months – “Make it so, Number One.” Living life doesn’t have to be a dread or a torture. “Man is that he might have joy.” True words that you can make so.

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