Consistency – Not My Forte

Bet you had no idea I’m struggling to be consistent with this blog. HA! Kidding. I’ve been a blogger since 2004 and I used to easily write daily in my various blogs, even when I had two or more of them running. Now that I am not working outside our home – just some editing here and there, writing and a new/renewed hobby – I hardly remember to pop in. I even have a sticky note at the top of my computer screen that screams, “Blog” at me. Alas, I listen not.

So first, let’s clear some things up: I have not died. Obviously, because here I am posting today. Second, I am not sickly, and finally third, uh, yeah, there is stuff to update!

I fell into a writing funk for a bit. I just couldn’t seem to get it together. The holidays got busy and then the drudgery of packing all the decorations up and it was over. Sadly over. I got a bit bummed out. This was the first Christmas without my grown up baby. They couldn’t make it home. My only child. It was still a nice Christmas, but certainly lacking that extra bit of joy. That funk stuck around for a bit. And January was sad because my husband lost his job due to a health issue. It was poorly handled and he should not have had to lose his job over it. But people didn’t know the laws about truck driving and this particular health issue and they told him couldn’t continue to drive. It was a company he’d worked at for 9 years and his career for 30 plus years. So the funk continued – for both of us. Of course, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and things are looking up greatly since we obtained this valuable information.

Finally, February has come ’round and I decided I could mope no more.

I had a poem published in Poetica 2: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Poetry Anthology. I am over the moon! The title of my poem is, “Shiloh.”

I also had a different poem read aloud by a talented writer herself, Wendy Vogel, on The Poetics by Sweetycat Press on YouTube. You can watch episodes of this and their other podcast, where short stories are read by Dave Gregory, another talented writer, titled, In A Flash here:

My poem is near the end of Episode 7, titled, “If I Were Brave Enough.”

To join Sweetycat Press, you have to have something published. It’s purpose is to provide a way for authors to promote themselves. Sweetycat doesn’t really do any promoting (although the podcasts are amazing in that way), but rather publishes books, many containing essays, to help you promote yourself.

My poem, “If I Were Brave Enough” was also included in a book of essays published by Sweetycat Press entitled, To Be Or Not To Be A Writer, in which I also have an essay and was an editor. I edited a book of twenty-one short stories in which the authors were told their story must be about a writer. That anthology is titled, The Wordsmith Chronicles. If you are able, I encourage you to purchase and read it. It’s incredible!

I’m extremely grateful to my mentor and friend, Steve Carr, who owns Sweetycat Press and has always been extremely supportive of me. In fact, he helped me publish my first story.

Just today, I was informed another story I had written titled, “Darkness In the Valley of the Unknown” was accepted for a new anthology by Barrio Blues Press . The anthology is titled, Nightmare With a Twist. This will be my second anthology with this particular owner, Jesu Estrada. She’s an incredibly hard working woman who pushes beyond boundaries with all she manages to do.

And I have a drabble out for a submission that I sent a few hours ago.

That wraps it up for me. Let’s see how quickly I can get myself back here to chat it up again. Until then, write, write, write. Which makes me think of Matthew McConaughey’s “Alright, alright, alright.” Ssswwweeeeeettt.

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