A Writing Schedule

I have a horrible memory. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve discussed this before or not but I don’t have a writing schedule. After many years of being ambitious and working to climb the ladder, I started chilling out and taking things one day at a time. And that includes writing. I think I may have touched on this in my post back in June, “Writing at Different Times in Your Life” though. I know many writers who get up early before their jobs and spend a couple of hours writing. I admire them. I also know writers who have to “feel” ready to write and that may or may not be a daily thing. And while there are many others with all kinds of schedules and habits, I tend to write when the mood strikes me. And that’s not every day.

For one, I have other interests. I like to read. I am also getting back into crafting, something I did years ago when I was a stay-at-home mom. When I went back to work, I simply didn’t have time to write anymore. It was sporadic, at best. It fit more into the category of hardly ever.

Now I write in spurts. I may pop out four stories in a couple of days – all needing revisions and rewrites – but maybe one of those just needs a good edit and can go out to meet a submission call. My thing is that I don’t do well on specific submission calls. My stories come to me from odd places. Sometimes I read a word or a title I like and think, “I can write something along those lines.” Once a roommate mentioned he referred to his mother as, “Old Raisin”, which made me think of the Lorraine Hansberry play, “A Raisin in the Sun” and thus, a story popped into my head. No, it had nothing to do with raisins, nor with any basis even close to the play. It did include a very old, wrinkled woman, a migrant worker all her life, aged by the many hours in the sun as she labored.

So do your own thing. Write when it’s right for you. It’s a craft, a gift, and should always be treated with joy. I hope I never look at writing my stories as a chore.

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