Current Trends In Writing Well

One of the things you need to study up on as a writer is what is considered acceptable now in the publishing world. In my early days, when I first started typing and writing, everyone used two spaces between sentences. That’s no longer the norm. It is one space between each sentence. Here are a few things to consider:

Curled commas are the desired look and you see them when using Times New Roman font. Many publishers request this specific font be used. This applies to apostrophes, too. And yes, I’m aware my blog isn’t following all these rules. Dang inability of not knowing how to set my font. Stories should be double spaced, in Shunn format (you can find examples/templates on the internet very easily), and you should avoid the use of certain words, those considered useless or unnecessary. An example of such would be, ‘that’, ‘very’, ‘really’, ‘just’, ‘totally’, ‘actually’, “then’, ‘next’, ‘sort of’ or ‘kind of’. Also avoid exclamation points. Keep them to a minimum. When using speech in your story, you should most often use, “Hello, my name is..” said the girl. Note I used ‘said‘. No need to get flowery with others tacked on the end, such as, “hissed”, “responded”, “claimed” or any other alternative you might want to use. Just go with the norm. There are, of course, times you want to use something different from ‘said’ because the situation calls for it, to help with the feel of the story, or an emotion.

Happy writing!

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